A short overview in English

NOAH - Time and Information Advantage

Emergencies happen anywhere, anytime - day and night - and in any imaginable circumstances ....

and they can happen to any of us.

Time loss during information transmission is intolerable especially for time-critical emergencies like badly injured accident victims. At the moment there are - sometimes even grave - deficits at the interface between the on-scene emergency units and the emergency physicians at the hospitals. This results in headlines like "emergency tourism" and "emergency admission predicament". These problems are for the greater part due to the use of outmoded and outdated communication and information techniques. 

Given these daily problems, the "Regensburg Emergency Services Centre" (RZR) developed an innovative communication concept for the emergency care system called "Emergency Organization and Administration Aid" (NOAH). NOAH seeks to provide a better communication link from the onscene physician to hospitals, dispatch centers and other emergency units. Through the help of a notepad and Help - the solution for wireless data communication from Kratzer Automation - on-scene physicians, paramedics, dispatch centers and hospitals are in steady contact. With NOAH, important data and information is entered in seconds and gets forwarded in a structured way.



All important information is available for the on-scene physician, for the dispatch center and for the hospital - at the earliest time, clearly arranged and structured

The dispatch center can use the data entered at the emergency scene to provide a proposal for the destination hospital and to alarm the emergency physicians.

The destination hospital can start preparation for the treatment of the emergency patient at the earliest time.

NOAH results in quicker and better information for all participating organizations - which could be crucial for saving lives!

Time Advantage for the emergency care

NOAH components

NOAH was developed especially according to the requirements of the emergency care system. The software is based on two principal components: " HELP", a flexible und easy-to-use disposition and communication software, and " SERVER", a modular gateway software, responsible for the complete data exchange between the central computer and the mobile notepads. Therefor NOAH can cover all requirements for a modern communication management.

Process Chain with NOAH

The on-scene physician enters the data of the "First Message" (suspected diagnose, patient characteristica, required specialists in the hospital, etc.) into the mobile notepad computer during the first three to five minutes after arriving on the emergency scene. This data is then transmitted via wireless data communication to the dispatch center. Thanks to the easy-to-handle graphical user interface the time to enter this data is 15 seconds maximum. With the data of the "First Message" the dispatch center generates a proposal for the destination hospital. After the definite decision of the on-scene physician on the destination hospital the "First Message" data is used to alarm the emergency room and the optimal preparation for the further treatment can commence. 

Documentation with NOAH

Another important part of NOAH is the documentation of the emergency (emergency care mission protocol) according to the guidelines of the "German Interdisciplinary Union for Intensive and Emergency Care" (DIVI). NOAH provides the potential for a comprehensive non-redundant electronic documentation of emergency care missions.